What Happens at Hillside - Year 4

Welcome and Registration 

In Year 4 the children start the day with some mathematics problems. This is a great way to rehearse their learning. Then as the register is taken the children have to answer a question like: what did you have for breakfast or what did you do at the weekend? However, these questions have to be answered with verbalised punctuation and using one of our sentence types like – I went to the beautiful sunny beach at the weekend: we had some delicious chips in the salty sea air. 


Next they go to their spellings group. The children are mixed up in different classes for half an hour so that they work with different children. This is a great way to personalise learning. 


After that they go straight into mathematics. This always begins in the same way: they play games to practise their multiplications. After that they reflect on the previous days learning. The teacher always gives the children a target to complete before starting the next day’s learning. The children then enjoy a reasoning starter where they really have to apply their knowledge to answer the question set. Then they go into their learning. On a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the children’s learning is focused on calculation. On Thursday they explore an aspect of measurement, geometry or statistics. Then on a Friday they have a whole session of problem solving. This ensures that the children have great coverage of the curriculum. 

Guided Reading 

The children spend half an hour focusing on their reading. The two adults in the room read with two groups whilst the other two groups complete a reading activity like enjoying a self-chosen book in the reading corner or sharing something about their reading with a friend. The two adults then swap so that all children are heard reading every day. Once a week the children are given a reading comprehension. This is great practise to check for understanding.

Break Time 

During break time the children enjoy many varied activities on the playground. This includes bike riding, playing games and sharing a conversation.


English starts in the same way everyday: the children are given chance to respond and reflect on the previous days learning. This is done in different ways as sometimes certain groups of children need extra support and so can also work in a guided group for a short amount of time. We then go on to enjoy a short grammar activity. After that it all begins. This takes place in many different ways: investigating different genres, planning writing, speaking and listening, drama, learning how to write new sentence types to encourage the children’s use of rich vocabulary and varied punctuation. 

Lunch Time 

The first thing the children do at lunch time is go and get their lunch whether it is a packed lunch or a hot dinner. Once they have finished eating the children then go outside to enjoy the variety of activities on offer. 

Foundation Subjects 

These include: science, geography, history, computing, PSHE, RE, PE, art and Spanish. The children get a rich diet of learning in the afternoon. 

End of the Day

At the end of the day the children get their belongings and they go to meet their families.