What Happens at Hillside - Year 3

Welcome and Registration 

In Year 3 the children start the day by either reading their current books, or tackling a mental challenge, such as Sudoku, or a word game to warm up our little grey cells. Reading promotes a calm and respectful classroom environment, and boosts vocabulary, imagination and concentration before being registered.


 Straight after registration the children go to their mixed class spellings group. We work on spelling rules and often play different games and test each other to embed our learning.

 Guided Reading 

Following Spellings, the children spend half an hour focusing on their reading and comprehension skills.  Split into different groups, each day, two of the groups are guided by the teaching staff, and the other groups work on comprehension questions, different reading activities, such as writing questions about the text to ask the rest of their group.

The other group reads independently for pleasure.


We spend our weeks building up to a Big Write, which is a different type of writing each time linked to our current topic. This year this has included pieces like a persuasive advert, poem and a newspaper report. Our writing is often related to a book, film or text.

We work in groups and partners to create and share ideas, use vocabulary games and drama to explore different situations. Learning new punctuation, grammar and sentence types, we practice our skills, and plan our final piece of writing. We also use our purple response pens to edit and improve our work.

Break Time 

During break time the children enjoy many varied activities on the playground.


After a quick snack, they go straight into mathematics. 
Using their response pens, they reflect on yesterday’s lesson and answer a challenge question to further their learning.

Then we test ourselves with an open ended a Reasoning question.

Afterwards we look at the current week’s maths focus, which could be fractions, or multiplication for example. On a Wednesday we use the Education City website to practice the maths we’ve been learning over the last week. On Friday, we do our Big Think, which is a whole session of problem solving. It’s really important children get a chance to use and apply the skills they’ve learnt in a different context.

Lunch Time                                                          

The first thing the children do at lunch time is go and get their lunch whether it is a packed lunch or a hot dinner. Once they have finished eating the children then go outside to enjoy the variety of activities on offer. 

Foundation Subjects 

The children have a rich and varied mix of interesting subjects in the afternoons, including Science, Topic based Geography or History, Computing, PSHE, RE, PE, Music, Art and Spanish.

 End of the Day

At the end of the day the children get their bags and letters home and go to meet their families.