What Happens at Hillside - Year 1

Welcome and Registration...

As soon as we come in we are ready to go! We practise our handwriting, making sure that we are forming all our letters correctly, and then we read for pleasure in our lovely reading area.

Once the register has been taken, it’s time for our super sentences challenge. We all work hard to practise applying our phonics to read tricky sentences as quickly as we can.

After that we split into our phonics groups. We all enjoy learning about different sound, spelling rules and how they can help us with our reading and writing. During phonics, we love playing games such as bingo or beat the teacher. Our phonics activities are practical and interactive and we love them!


We then move into our daily English lesson. All of our English lessons are linked to our current topic and this helps us to make connections and really explore our topic in detail.

In our English sessions we enjoy reading, writing and drama activities. One of our favourites is Conscience alley, as it gives us a chance to really explore the characters in our stories. We learn the skills we will need and we  put them into practice on Friday when we have our weekly Big Write session.

Reading Workshops

On a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we have guided reading workshops. These give us a chance to read, read, read! We practise reading our books to ourselves, with reading buddies and with our teachers. We also write about the books we read during independent activities. We love to write about why we enjoyed particular books or recommend them to our friends!

Play Time

After all that work we love to give our brains a break and enjoy a well-deserved playtime! We love to play with the active playground equipment or just relax and talk with our friends. There are always things to do and friends to play with.


We start our maths session with a reasoning starter, this really gets our brains fired up and ready. We love playing odd one out, when we have to give reasons why a number could be the odd one out.

We are working really hard on becoming efficient mathematicians and we learn new skills or apply the skills we have learned to a range of mathematical topics. We love learning through maths games or with partners collaboratively. At the end of every lesson we reflect on our learning and think about what we want to do next.

On a Thursday, we enjoy active maths. This is a chance for us to practice our maths skills in a fun and active way!

Lunch Time

The morning has flown by, but we are ready for lunch! We wash our hands and most of us take advantage of the universal free school meals. Some of us bring in a lunchbox from home. As a health promoting school we know the importance of eating healthily so we try to eat some lovely fruit or veg with every meal.

Afternoon Learning

Every afternoon is so varied and different in Year 1/2 ! We enjoy PE, Computing, Science or Topic work. 

End of the Day...

Most days we have an assembly to end the day. We enjoy listening to the assembly and reflecting on our day’s learning.