June 2018

We, at Hillside, enjoyed a fantastic piano concert today. All of the children that were involved played beautifully and we couldn't be prouder of their progress. What a performance!

Chester Zoo came to visit us today. They came to discuss the importance of recycling and how we can help! We all learnt a lot about what we can do to keep Earth healthy. Thanks Chester Zoo!

Years 5 and 6 went to the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. They learnt all about slavery: past and present. We are very proud of Years 5 and 6 for being so respectful and showing empathy for those who have and are suffering this horrific life.

We have had a fantastic week of learning all about Buddhism. To enhance our learning and understanding we walked to the Buddhist Centre. It was really interesting and we learnt a lot about how Buddhists worship, what a Buddhist monk needs to do and how to be a Buddhist.

Year 1 are really showing lots of different skills with this art piece. They are also using a variety of media! Well done Year 1.