March 2018

Today, Years 1 to 6 walked to Oxton St Saviours to enjoy and be a part of an Easter service. Those children that wanted to perform were involved in some sort of reading, song or rhyme which made the visit even more special. Needless to say the accompanying adults were extremely proud of the children. We would like to say a big thank you to Reverend Christine who led the service beautifully.

Today, years 5 and 6 had a stay safe and keep positive workshop. They had a lot of reflection time upon a story they were told and how that story could have been different. They then enjoyed some creative writing rap sessions based on their learning. What a day!

Year 4 made a start on Sports Relief this week with some serious skipping. 

Today, at Hillside, we had an amazing World Book Day. The reason it was amazing is because of the fantastic children and amazing staff team. We have never seen such a well dressed bunch. Throughout the day the children have enjoyed various activities. Including: researching authors, making posters, designing comic strips, presenting their hard work in assembly and enjoying story time in the library. As always, we are proud of you Hillside!