October 2017

In Mr Swatman's class, for open afternoon, the children were set a challenge! They had to make the tallest, free standing tower, with tin foil. This required a lot of team work. However, Year 2 are brilliant at working together: look how well they did!

Year 2 have made some amazing castles. Where would we be without Mrs Thompson's creative flare! They have designed and created their castle. I would say they are fit for any King or Queen. 

Year 2 carried out some investigations today. They have been looking at materials. To find out more they had to select and build a boat using the best materials. They look like they're having too much fun to me!

Anna Jackson came to visit us and talk to us about being a Paralympic. It was very interesting and gave us a really good reminder of why it is good to be resilient. We then enjoyed some sporty activities together.

Mr Swatman was very proud of Year 2 today. They were all sharing their stories so that they could make them even better. Year 2 are really good at sharing stories. Well done Year 2!