Refugee Week in Year 5

Y5 had a really good lesson looking at what it might be like being a refugee. We discussed what items we might have to take if we had to leave in a hurry. We then had to justify our choices.
It was interesting to learn about why some people have to leave their homes and move to another place. It made us realise how lucky we are to live where we live.

The Golden Temple of Amritsar

Today the whole school created the ‘Golden Temple of Amritsar’ as part of the carousel. We looked at what the temple is used for (prayer and worship) and also wrote down what things in life we are thankful for (family, friends, home, food etc). This was because Sikhs spend a lot of time helping people less fortunate than themselves by providing meals etc. We created this huge Golden Temple using gold paper.

Year 5 learn about democracy

We have 4 parties in our class: Forest Party, Adventure Party, Arty Party and Sport Party. We are each trying to persuade the other children in our class to vote for us (and decide on the extra activity for Friday) in our secret ballot on Friday. We had party meetings today where we decided on our party leader, head of persuasive advertising and head of speeches. We decided on our party logo and tag line and highlighted the benefits of choosing our activity (policies). 

We are learning lots about the benefits of a democracy and how it works.