September 2018

It is our first week back at school and we are so pleased to see all of the children, it has been so long! 

To celebrate our first week back we are enjoying a healthy week. This is going to include many different exciting workshops, events and most importantly, knowledge! Take a look at our first week...

Year 4 enjoyed the morning in our forest school. They have learnt many different skills and had lots of fun.

Year 1 have been making bread. I am not sure if some of those bread rolls are from a shop, they look so professionally made! 

Year 5 went to Pizza Express. During their visit they learnt all about healthy foods and even got to make a pizza, from scratch! Apparently, they were very tasty.

July 2018

Year 6 set off on their residential . They are going to Anglesey for three days where they will:

  • Create some stunning art,

  • Perform some imaginative drama,

  • Go sailing,

  • Go climbing as a team!

This doesn't include all of the fun they will be having between their activities. Enjoy every second Year 6.

June 2018

We, at Hillside, enjoyed a fantastic piano concert today. All of the children that were involved played beautifully and we couldn't be prouder of their progress. What a performance!

Chester Zoo came to visit us today. They came to discuss the importance of recycling and how we can help! We all learnt a lot about what we can do to keep Earth healthy. Thanks Chester Zoo!

Years 5 and 6 went to the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. They learnt all about slavery: past and present. We are very proud of Years 5 and 6 for being so respectful and showing empathy for those who have and are suffering this horrific life.

We have had a fantastic week of learning all about Buddhism. To enhance our learning and understanding we walked to the Buddhist Centre. It was really interesting and we learnt a lot about how Buddhists worship, what a Buddhist monk needs to do and how to be a Buddhist.

Year 1 are really showing lots of different skills with this art piece. They are also using a variety of media! Well done Year 1.

May 2018

Year 6 had a fantastic day of bushcraft outside in our forest school. We learnt to make shelters, tie various sorts of knots needed for survival and build fires. We had so much fun and learned lots of amazing survival tips!

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 11.42.41.png

Today, the fantastic chefs, at Hillside, conjured up a wonderful, celebratory picnic in honour of the Royal Wedding. Not only were there sandwiches, pizza and carrot sticks but there were also shortbread crowns! What a treat.

YEar 3 enjoying Forest Schools

Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon of Forest Schools today. They even had a go at using a flint and steel to make fire! 

Year 4 have been building shelters and enjoying the sunshine. I wonder if they are waterproof! What a great writing enhancement!