Message from Mr Morris

It is a privilege to be Headteacher of Hillside Primary School, a happy, friendly school in the heart of the community with high aspirations for every one of our children.

We take very seriously the responsibility we all have in ensuring the highest standards of safety, teaching, learning and pastoral care for your children. All children should feel safe, included, respected and valued, enabling each to maximise their academic, creative, personal, physical, and moral potential. We are committed to providing an environment where the highest levels of these aims are achieved for each of our children.

Our ethos is based around respecting ourselves, others and our world. We seek to develop strong moral and ethical values of citizenship through education about diversity, religion and the environment. Indeed, we are committed to developing knowledge, tolerance and a responsibility to the community in supporting children to build and maintain strong, healthy relationships and become good citizens of the future. 

We embrace the opportunity to build and nurture positive relationships between staff and parents and attach high value to them. Children feel safer, enjoy their education more and grow and fulfil their potential when there exists open communication, respect and support in relationships between home and school. Our job satisfaction comes from seeing children happy and achieving their best and we endeavor to provide a higher standard of pastoral care than other schools.

The school is engaged in a process of ongoing evaluation and improvement of all aspects of provision with the aim of providing the very best teaching, support and outcomes for your children.

Our school has many excellent qualities which make it a favourable choice. We offer high-quality care for two-year-old children and wrap-around care: Breakfast Club in the morning and externally-operated provision though Firbobs into the early evening. Our extensive facilities include a well-stocked library, ICT Suite, an art studio, a forest school, an adventure trail and more. Our thematic curriculum promotes stamina and determination by encouraging children to learn for themselves, promoting investigation, curiosity and problem-solving through themes which excite and enthuse. We continue to invest heavily in curriculum enrichment (school trips, music lessons, swimming lessons, modern foreign language provision, residentials, financial literacy, careers awareness) as well as working hard to maintain our International School Award and Green Flag eco-status.

We are united by mutual support and the common aim of seeing our children and school happy and successful. I am proud of what we offer at Hillside Primary School and encourage all to share that pride in our community and everything we achieve together.

Mr S. Morris