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Internet Safety Day: parent open afternoon from 3:00pm; eSafety and resilience talk by Kayte Walsh for parents of children from all year groups 3:30-4:15pm

Technology is developing quickly so keeping up-to-date is increasingly important in enabling use to protect our children against the many dangers associated with the use of internet-based games, apps and social media.

On Tuesday 5th February, Hillside will be recognising national e-Safety day by taking part in a range of activities that promote a safe and mindful approach to the use of the internet and technology. Kayte Walsh, an e-Safety specialist with an exciting, down-to-earth approach, will be running workshops for the children throughout the day. These will be complemented with activities, including how to protect personal information, who is safe to communicate with online, dealing with online bullying or inappropriate online content and how to avoid unwanted online in-app or in-game purchases. It is set to be a hands-on, informative learning experience for all.

We would like to invite parents and carers to join your child at 3:00pm to share what he/she has learnt through the day. Access to the school will be through the main entrance from 2:50pm.

This showcasing of learning will be followed by an e-Safety and resilience talk in the hall, starting at 3:30pm and lasting for approximately 45 minutes. Presented by Kayte Walsh, this will be aimed at keeping your child safe and resilient whilst using the internet or internet-based games and apps. This is open to parents of children from all year groups and is free of charge. The session will focus on potential dangers, how to spot behaviours which might indicate your child is unsafe and how to encourage an open dialogue in relation to what your child may have seen or heard whilst using technology.

I cannot overstate how useful parents at other schools have valued the content of the talk and encourage you to attend if you possibly can.